It’s not often these days that nostalgia, art, incredible talent, intuitive mindsets, and a drive to be the best meld in such a way that not only stands out as a concept, but delivers as a business.
Lay your cards face up and take note of what’s bigger and better in Texas when it comes to tattooing: 713 Tattoo Parlour seated in the historic Montrose area of Houston is the premier home to some of the Lone Star State’s finest artists.
At the helm is owner Homer Saenz, a veteran of tattooing for over 10 years who feels he is lucky to be surrounded with the crew he feels fortunate to work with every day. After the shop retired the moniker Hot Rod Tattoo in lieu of a name that would help them stand out, Saenz ran with 713 Tattoo Parlour to exude a less common vibe in a business saturated with generic, boasty shop names.
The name also serves to compliment the shops’ nostalgic nature, with the building itself being built in the 1920s. The crew is constantly taking great care in reinventing the 4,000 foot studio with original old-school artwork and signage, a warm welcome to those looking for that classic ink shop attitude and atmosphere.
When it comes to the shop’s success, since 2002 becoming a world-renowned hotspot, the artists agree that the fundamentals lie in the simplest of forms: inspiration,  working amongst friends as well as a well-oiled machine of a team,  and the drive to keep pushing for excellence in every aspect of their work which spans the spectrum of sickeningly detailed photorealism to some of the boldest traditional tattoo work seen anywhere today.
To compliment the studio, which was named ‘Shop of the Month’  by PRICK Magazine (click here to read the 713 feature from the June 2007 issue of PRICK ::link::, just take a stroll upstairs to visit 713 Piercing Studio; a world-class puncture palace featuring piercers certified by the highly coveted Association of Professional Piercers ::link::, 2 of only 3 in the entire city limits of Houston.
713 Piercing is highly skilled in everything from large gauge piercing to some of the most exotic and custom work found in the world, and sports a hand-selected collection of custom jewelry spanning from organic buffalo horn to surgical stainless steel.
Setting foot into the world of 713 is not likely to cure all curiosity the first time around. With the refreshing air of artists planted firmly in their roots without the weight of egotistic mannerisms and unwelcoming nature you are likely to find as a first timer in other shops, 713 Tattoo Parlour and Piercing Studio is a locale where customers remain as friends, the crew is thankful, and a place that owner Saenz says is responsible for the past three years being “the best of his career”.
So stop in and see true artistry at work and leave with more than just some ink or a piercing. Leave with an experience. Leave with the best.

713 Tattoo Studio
1533 Westheimer
Houston,Texas 77006
Phone: (713) 533-1239

monday 12pm - 2am
tuesday 12pm - 2am
wednesday 12pm - 2am
thursday 12pm - 2am
friday 12pm - 4am
saturday 12pm - 4am
sunday 12pm - 12am